The Book of Daniel

by Ed Gallagher

Briton Rivière, Daniel’s Answer to the King, 1890, Wikimedia Commons


Lesson 1: Vegetables and Water

Lesson 2: The Coming Kingdom

Lesson 3: In the Fiery Furnace

Lesson 4: The Madness of King Nebuchadnezzar

Lesson 5: The Writing on the Wall

Lesson 6: In the Lion’s Den

Lesson 7: The Four Beasts and the Son of Man

Lesson 8: The Goat and the Little Horn

Lesson 9: Daniel’s Prayer and the Seventy Weeks

Lesson 10: The Final Vision

I have myself taught through the book of Daniel for the Sherrod Ave. Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama. I had just begun the series on Daniel when COVID struck in March 2020, so we turned to video, with the help of the wonderful and professional Ginger Leigh, who made the videos look great. Here they are, picking up with Daniel 3 and running through the end of the book.

Video on Daniel 3

Video on Daniel 4

Video on Daniel 5

Video on Daniel 6

Video on Daniel 7: part 1, part 2

Video on Daniel 8

Video on Daniel 9

Video on Daniel 10–11

Video on Daniel 12

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