Frederick Douglass on the Devilish Decision of the Supreme Court

In March 1857, the US Supreme Court announced their decision in Dred Scrott v. Sandford, written by Chief Justice Taney, a decision that I suppose has long been in the lead on most people’s “worst decisions” lists. It “settled” the issue of slavery in favor of the pro-slavery argument, finding slavery enshrined in the USContinue reading “Frederick Douglass on the Devilish Decision of the Supreme Court”

Little House and the Indians

The book Little House on the Prairie (1935) sees the Ingalls family move to “Indian Territory” in what is now Kansas. As is made clear a few times throughout the book, the family moved to Indian Territory with the understanding that the US government would soon force the Native American tribes inhabiting the land toContinue reading “Little House and the Indians”