Paradise Lost, Book 12

649 lines. Most of the book continues Michael’s conversation with Adam, revealing the future, including the exodus, and the giving of the Torah, and the exile, and the coming of the Messiah, and even a bit of the period after the Messiah’s ascension. The book ends with Adam and Eve leaving Paradise. Michael resumes tellingContinue reading “Paradise Lost, Book 12”

Paradise Lost, Book 10

1104 lines. This book shows the immediate aftereffects of the first sin. The punishment is brought to the couple, Satan returns to hell to announce his victory, and Sin and Death make their way to earth. The act became quickly known in heaven, by God immediately since he was watching the whole thing happen, byContinue reading “Paradise Lost, Book 10”

Paradise Lost, Book 8

653 lines. Here Adam tells his experience of his life thus far. Adam speaks (lines 5–38), asking about the heavenly bodies, the sun and stars and planets, about their motions. Eve gets up to tend the garden, planning to ask Adam about the conversation later (lines 39–65). Raphael replies (lines 66–178), describing possible motions ofContinue reading “Paradise Lost, Book 8”

Paradise Lost, Book 4

1015 lines On his way to Paradise, Satan has second thoughts (lines 1–31). He remembers what he was, reflects on what he has become, and fears a worse fate. These doubts leads to a speech by Satan (lines 32–113), an interesting speech, in which Satan sounds downright sorry for his rebellion in heaven against aContinue reading “Paradise Lost, Book 4”