Active Helpfulness and Bearing Burdens

As I was saying, Bonhoeffer encourages Christians to serve one another in several ways. First, listening to one another. This post will cover the second and third types of service Bonhoeffer discusses. (2) Active Helpfulness. Bonhoeffer means just simple stuff, helping each other. Nobody is too good for the lowest service. Those who worry aboutContinue reading “Active Helpfulness and Bearing Burdens”

Bonhoeffer on Listening

As I mentioned previously, in his book Life Together, Bonhoeffer mentions several ways in which Christians can serve one another, and the first is by listening. This section is so good, and so needed right now, I just want to quote the whole thing. So I will. The first service one owes to others inContinue reading “Bonhoeffer on Listening”

Service according to Bonhoeffer

One of the best chapters in Bonhoeffer’s Life Together (originally published in 1939; Wikipedia) is the fourth chapter, the one called “Service.” (I’m using the Reader’s Edition, which I abbreviate DBW-RE.) He has great thoughts on Christian community, the diversity of people. But he means a type of diversity different what what we (21st-century Americans)Continue reading “Service according to Bonhoeffer”

Bonhoeffer on the Importance of Reading Scripture

In his book Life Together, in which he is promoting a new kind of monasticism, Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes about “The Day Together” in chapter 2. I am using the translation in the Deitrich Bonhoeffer Works (DBW) series, and more specifically the Reader’s Edition (DBW-RE). There are a lot of good things in this chapter, butContinue reading “Bonhoeffer on the Importance of Reading Scripture”

Bonhoeffer’s New Kind of Monastery

In Poland there is a fairly large city called Szczecin, Poland’s seventh largest city, with a population of 400,000. It’s near the border with Germany, so near, in fact, that before World War II it was within the borders of Germany and it was known as Stettin. According to Google Maps, it’s about a 2-hourContinue reading “Bonhoeffer’s New Kind of Monastery”