Old Testament Survey

by Ed Gallagher

Scroll of Esther, Wikimedia Commons

Whoever wishes to be and perceive things too quickly and too directly in New Testament ways is to my mind no Christian.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, letter to Eberhard Bethge, Dec 5, 1943, in Letters and Papers from Prison, DBW-RE, p. 198. Bonhoeffer is stressing the importance of the Old Testament for the Christian, an especially provocative assertion for a German theologian in 1943.

Lesson 1: The Old Testament and the Christian

Lesson 2: The Big Picture

Lesson 3: Made in God’s Image

Lesson 4: Sin and Death

Lesson 5: The Call of Abraham

Lesson 6: Covenant

Lesson 7: An Eternal Throne

Lesson 8: Exile

Lesson 9: Create in Me a Clean Heart

Lesson 10: Vanity of Vanities

Lesson 11: Suffering Servant

Lesson 12: A New Covenant

Lesson 13: Valley of Dry Bones

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