Luke Synopsis

by Ed Gallagher

LukeMark Matthew
Birth announcement: John the Baptist1:5–25
Birth announcement: Jesus1:26–38(1:18–25)
Mary visits Elizabeth1:39–45
Birth and naming of John1:57–66
Zechariah’s prophecy1:67–80
Birth of Jesus2:1–7
Appearance to Shepherds2:8–20
Purification at Temple2:21–24
Return to Nazareth2:39–40(2:19–23)
Lost at Passover2:41–52
Time stamp3:1–2
John the Baptist13:3–61:3–43:1–3
John’s warning3:7–93:7–10
John’s advice3:10–14
John on the Messiah3:15–181:7–83:11–12
Messiah’s baptism, 3:161:7–83:11
Messiah’s shovel, 3:173:12
John jailed3:19–20(6:17)(14:3)
Jesus baptized3:21–221:9–113:13–17
Jesus’ genealogy3:23–38(1:2–16)
Teaching summary4:14–15(1:14–15)(4:12–17 or 23–25)
Nazareth synagogue4:16–30(6:1–6)(13:53–58)
saying: prophet unwelcome, 4:246:413:57
Exorcism in Capernaum synagogue4:31–371:21–28(7:28–29)
Healing Simon’s mother-in-law4:38–391:29–318:14–15
many coming for healing4:40–411:32–348:16–17
escape to be alone, tracked down4:42–441:34–39
Call of first disciples5:1–11(1:16–20)(4:18–22)
man with leprosy25:12–161:40–458:1–4
call of Levi5:27–282:13–149:9
eating with sinners5:29–322:15–179:10–13
fasting question5:33–392:18–229:14–17
Sabbath: heads of grain6:1–52:23–2812:1–8
Sabbath: withered hand6:6–113:1–612:9–14
appointing twelve36:12–163:13–19(10:1–4)
summary: healing, exorcism6:17–193:7–124:23–25
sermon on the plain6:20–49(chs. 5–7)
beatitudes, 6:20–23(5:3–12)
woes, 6:24–26
love your enemies, 6:27–30(5:44, 39, 40, 42)
Golden Rule, 6:317:12
Be nice to mean people, 6:32–36(5:46–47)
Don’t judge, 6:37(7:1–2; 6:14–15)
Give and you will receive, 6:38
Blind guides, 6:3915:14
disciple not greater than teacher, 6:4010:24
log & splinter, 6:41–427:3–5
trees & fruit, 6:43–45(7:16–18)
Two builders, 6:46–497:24–27
centurion’s servant7:1–108:5–13
widow of Nain7:11–17
question from JB7:18–2311:2–6
Jesus praises JB7:24–2811:7–11
response of crowd7:29–30
this fickle generation7:31–3511:16–19
at the home of Simon the Pharisee7:36–50(see Simon the leper, 14:3–9)(see Simon the leper, 26:6–13)
women patrons8:1–3(15:40–41)(27:55–56)
Parable of soils8:4–154:1–2013:1–23
lamp on a lampstand8:16–174:21–23(5:15; 10:26)
measure for measure8:184:24–25(13:12; 25:29)
my mother and my brothers8:19–213:31–3512:46–50
stilling the storm8:22–254:35–418:23–27
Jairus’ daughter/woman with hemorrhage8:40–565:21–439:18–26
Limited commission9:1–66:7–1310
Herod’s curiosity49:7–96:14–1614:1–2
Feeding 50009:10–176:30–4414:13–21
Peter’s confession9:18–218:27–3016:13–20
1st Passion Prediction9:228:31–3316:21–23
Take your cross9:23–278:34–9:116:24–28
Demon-possessed boy9:37–439:14–2917:14–20
2nd Passion Prediction9:43–459:30–3217:22–23
Who is greatest?9:46–489:33–3718:1–5
non-disciple exorcist9:49–509:38–40
Setting out for Jerusalem9:51–56
discipleship is demanding9:57–628:18–22
Sending 7210:1
Pray to the Lord of the harvest, 10:29:37–38
lambs among wolves, 10:310:16
no supplies, 10:4, cf. 9:3
peace on the house, 10:5–610:12–13
remain in the house, 10:7
village welcomes you, 10:810:11
heal, preach, 10:910:8
village does not welcome you, 10:10–1210:14–15
woe, Chorazin, Bethsaida10:13–1511:20–24
who welcomes you welcomes me10:16 (cf. 9:48)(9:37)10:40
Return of the 7210:17–20
Father reveals to babies10:21–2211:25–27
Happy your eyes10:23–2413:16–17
Question about Loving Neighbor10:25–29(12:28–34)(22:34–40)
Good Samaritan10:30–37
Mary & Martha10:38–42
Lord’s prayer11:1–46:9–13
Parable: audacity in prayer11:5–8
Ask and receive11:9–107:7–8
Heavenly Father responds to requests11:11–137:9–11
accusations of demon possession11:14–183:22–2612:22–26
your children are exorcists11:1912:27
power of God11:2012:28
strong man’s house11:21–223:2712:29
who isn’t with me is against me11:2312:30
wandering spirit returns home11:23–2612:43–45
Blessing on Jesus’ mother11:27–28
sign of Jonah11:29–30(8:11–13)12:39–40
greater than Solomon/Jonah11:31–3212:41–42
eye important11:33–366:22–23
meal with Pharisee11:37
eating with unwashed hands11:38–4123:25–26
over-emphasis on tithing11:4223:23
Pharisees enjoy best seats11:4323:6–7
unmarked graves11:44(23:27)
scribes: loading men down11:45–4623:4
killing the prophets11:47–5123:29–36
key of knowledge11:52(23:13)
resentment by scribes & Pharisees11:53–54(12:13)(22:15)
Yeast of Pharisees12:18:1516:6
secrets revealed12:2–3 (cf. 8:16–18)10:26–27
Fear not one able to kill body12:4–510:28
value of sparrows12:6–710:29–31
Confessing Son of Man12:8–910:32–33
Blasphemy of H.S.12:103:28–3012:31–32
Apologia given by H.S.12:11–12(13:11)10:19–20
Divide inheritance12:13–14
Parable: Rich Fool12:15–21
Don’t worry12:22–316:25–34
Don’t fear, little flock12:32
Sell all possessions12:33
Where your treasure is12:346:21
Master serves servants12:35–38
anticipating a thief12:39–4024:43–44
lazy & wicked servants12:41–4624:45–51
degrees of punishment12:47–48
Not peace but a sword12:49–5310:34–36
Signs of the times12:54–5616:2–3
Make peace w/ accuser12:57–59(5:25–26)
Repent or die13:1–5
Parable: cut the fig tree down next year13:6–9
Healing in synagogue on Sabbath: bent over woman13:10–17
Parable: mustard seed13:18–194:30–3213:31–32
Parable: yeast13:20–2113:33
Question: who will be saved? 13:22–23
Narrow gate13:247:13
Some will be shut out13:25–27(7:21–23)
Eating with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, others cast out13:28–298:11–12
First = last13:3010:3119:30; 20:16
Herod = fox13:31–33
Weeping for Jerusalem13:34–35523:37–39
Meal with Pharisee on a Sabbath—healing a swollen man14:1–6
fall into a ditch, 14:512:11
taking a bad seat14:7–11
invite the poor to your banquet14:12–15
parable: dinner party14:16–24(22:1–14)
Hate your family14:25–2610:37
Take up cross14:2710:38
counting the cost14:28–33
Tasteless salt14:34–35(9:50)5:13
Parable: lost sheep15:1–7(18:12–14)
Parable: lost coin15:8–10
Parable: Prodigal Son15:11–32
Parable: Unrighteous Steward16:1–9
Faithful with little, faithful with a lot16:10–12(25:21, 23)
Can’t serve two masters16:136:24
Greedy Pharisees16:14–15
L&P until JB, then God’s kingdom16:16(11:12–13)
Heaven and earth will pass away before the Law16:17(5:18)
Defining adultery16:1810:115:31–32; 19:9
Parable: Rich Man & Lazarus16:19–32
causing others to sin17:1–29:4218:6–7
forgive repeatedly17:3–4(18:21–22)
apostles want more faith17:5
power of small faith17:617:20
We are unprofitable servants17:7–10
Grateful Samaritan17:11–19
Kingdom is among you17:20–21
You will long for the Son of Man17:22
People will say, “look here”17:2313:2124:23
Son of Man = lightening17:2424:27
3rd Passion Prediction617:25
End is like Noah17:26–2724:37–39
End is like Lot17:28–30
Don’t go get your stuff17:3113:15–1624:17–18
Remember Lot’s wife17:32
Saver of life will lose it17:33 (cf. 9:24)10:39
2 in bed, 1 taken17:34
2 grinding, 1 taken17:3524:41
where the vultures gather17:3724:28
parable: Persistent Widow18:1–8
parable: Pharisee and publican18:9–14
Allow the children18:15–1710:13–1619:13–15
4th Passion Prediction18:31–3410:32–3420:17–19
Blind man healed (Bartimaeus)718:35–4310:46–5220:29–34
Parable: minas19:11–27(25:14–30)
Triumphal Entry19:28–4011:1–1121:1–11
Brief prediction of Jerusalem’s destruction19:41–44
Cleansing temple19:45–4611:15–1921:12–17
Jesus vs. Leaders19:47–48
Question: Authority20:1–811:27–3321:23–27
Parable: Tenants20:9–1912:1–1221:33–46
Question: Taxes20:20–2612:13–1722:15–22
Question: Resurrection20:27–4012:18–2722:23–33
David’s son? 20:41–4412:35–3722:41–46
Beware the scribes 20:45–4712:38–40(ch. 23)
Widow’s mite21:1–412:41–44
Temple destruction21:5–3313:1–3124:1–35
Stay alert21:34–36
Summary of Jesus’ activities21:37–38
Update on the plot against Jesus22:1–214:1–226:3–5
Judas plot22:3–614:10–1226:14–16
Preparing for Passover22:7–1314:12–1626:17–19
Lord’s Supper22:14–2014:22–2626:26–30
Prediction of Betrayal22:21–2314:17–2126:20–25
Who is greatest? 22:24 (cf. 9:46)
Servant is greatest22:25–2710:42–4520:25–28
Disciples granted royal power22:28–29
Twelve thrones22:3019:28
Satan sifting Peter22:31–32
Peter proclaims steadfastness22:33–3414:29–3126:33–35
Get ready, and buy swords22:35–38
Mount of Olives (Gethsemane)22:39–4614:32–4226:36–46
Peter’s denials22:54–6214:66–7226:69–75
Taunting Jesus22:63–6514:6526:67–68
Trial before High Priest22:66–7114:53–6426:57–66
Trial before Pilate23:1–515:1–527:1–2, 11–14
Jesus sent to Herod23:6–12
Barabbas chosen23:13–2515:6–1527:15–26
Simon of Cyrene23:2615:2127:32
Don’t cry for me23:27–31
Crucifixion23:32–3315:22, 2727:33, 38
Father, forgive them23:34a
Dividing his clothes23:34b15:2427:35
Taunting Jesus23:35–3715:29–3227:39–44
Inscription of charge23:3815:2627:37
Thief on the cross23:39–43
Curtain torn23:4515:3827:51
Into your hands….23:46a
Centurion confession23:4715:3927:54
Crowds beat chests23:48
Women watching 23:4915:40–4127:55–56
Empty Tomb24:1–816:1–828:1–8
Women report to apostles24:9–1116:9–11
Peter investigates24:12
Road to Emmaus24:13–3216:12
Comparing notes24:33–3516:13
Appearance to the XII24:36–4916:14–1828:16–20
Christian community24:52–5316:20

(1) Luke fails to mention John’s clothing and food.

(2) Regarding the healing of a man with leprosy: note how Luke inserts prayer at the end of the pericope. 

(3) Regarding the appointment of the Twelve: Luke inserts prayer.

(4) Regarding Herod’s curiosity: Luke does not tell the story of the death of John the Baptist; he merely alludes to it here. There is no Herodias or Salome in Luke. 

(5) Regarding Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, see also 19:41–44.

(6) On the Third Passion Prediction: see also the earlier statement that Jesus is going to Jerusalem because a prophet can die nowhere else (13:33). 

(7) Bartimaeus is named only in Mark. 

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