Daniel’s Four Kingdoms: New Open Access Book

There’s a new book on the ancient idea of four successive kingdoms, most familiar to Bible readers from Daniel 2 and Daniel 7. This idea, though, of a series of successive kingdoms is not limited to Daniel—it’s not limited even to the Bible. There were pagan sources that shared the concept. You can read someContinue reading “Daniel’s Four Kingdoms: New Open Access Book”

Ancient Roman Slavery: Entry Points

The Bible mentions slaves a number of times, in both the Old Testament (e.g., Exod 21:1–11) and the New Testament (e.g., Eph 6:5–9), so the study of ancient slavery is certainly relevant to a study of Christian Scripture. Fortunately—or, actually, rather dauntingly—there is a ton of scholarship available on ancient slavery. To get a handleContinue reading “Ancient Roman Slavery: Entry Points”