Bible Class Materials

Bible study material designed for a quarter (13 weeks or so) of Bible classes for adults at a local Christian congregation.

Classroom-Ready Lessons

The lessons gathered here are brief and to-the-point, designed for the teacher to take into the classroom and use directly in his/her teaching. Frequent questions in bold can be asked in class to generate discussion. There are also discussion questions at the end of each lesson.

Old Testament Survey
After a couple of introductory lessons, each lesson covers some of the great themes from the Old Testament.
13 lessons

New Testament Survey
After an introductory lesson, this series covers many of the books of the New Testament in individual lessons.
13 lessons

The Gospel of John
A topical investigation of the Fourth Gospel, including lessons on God, Signs, The Old Testament, the Holy Spirit, etc.
13 lessons

The Christ
Coming Soon

The Christian
Coming Soon

Supersize Studies

These lessons are also appropriate for a quarter-length study in a church Bible class (or small group or personal study or whatever), but each individual lesson provides much more material than a teacher could cover in a single class setting. The goal here is to help the teacher over-prepare for Bible class. The downside is that the teacher will have to put a little more work into figuring out what points he or she wants to cover during the class session. You may want all the class students to read this material, and then discuss it together during the class session, perhaps using the discussion questions (at the end of each lesson) as a guide.

The Book of Daniel
These lessons concentrate on how the stories and visions in the Book of Daniel teach Christians how to live in a world opposed to the God of Heaven.
10 lessons

The Gospel of Luke
Focusing especially on the material unique to Luke’s Gospel, these lessons dive deep in the world of Jesus, encouraging faithfulness to his revolutionary calling.
13 lessons

The Fruit of the Spirit
Coming Soon

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