Harpalus, An Unfaithful Servant

Harpalus was a courtier of Alexander the Great, whose story is told in various ancient authors. Here is the account in the first-century BC historian Diodorus Siculus. Harpalus had been given the custody of the treasury in Babylon and of the revenues which accrued to it, but as soon as the king had carried hisContinue reading “Harpalus, An Unfaithful Servant”

Video: 2 Peter 1 Bible Class

Here’s a one-off video of me presenting a lesson on 2 Peter 1 for a church Bible class. If you’re interested, you can get on the vimeo page for Sherrod Ave. Church of Christ and find the entire series, with different people presenting lessons on the General Epistles. Well, the series is not completed yet, butContinue reading “Video: 2 Peter 1 Bible Class”

Frederick Douglass on the Devilish Decision of the Supreme Court

In March 1857, the US Supreme Court announced their decision in Dred Scrott v. Sandford, written by Chief Justice Taney, a decision that I suppose has long been in the lead on most people’s “worst decisions” lists. It “settled” the issue of slavery in favor of the pro-slavery argument, finding slavery enshrined in the USContinue reading “Frederick Douglass on the Devilish Decision of the Supreme Court”

Little House and the Indians

The book Little House on the Prairie (1935) sees the Ingalls family move to “Indian Territory” in what is now Kansas. As is made clear a few times throughout the book, the family moved to Indian Territory with the understanding that the US government would soon force the Native American tribes inhabiting the land toContinue reading “Little House and the Indians”