Sheol (שְׁאוֹל) is the term in the Hebrew Bible for the place of the dead. It appears 65 times. The chart below gives you the reference to every appearance of the term in the Hebrew Bible, along with its translation in the Septuagint (LXX), the King James version, and the New Revised Standard Version. As you’ll see, the LXX almost always renders Sheol with Hades (only four exceptions: 2 Sam 22:6; Ezek 32:21; Job 24:19; Prov 23:14). The NRSV almost always simply transliterates the Hebrew word (one exception: Song 8:6). And the KJV mostly alternates between “grave” and “hell” but also throws in a “pit” every once in a while.

Genesis 37:35HadesGraveSheol
Genesis 42:38HadesGraveSheol
Genesis 44:29HadesGraveSheol
Genesis 44:31HadesGraveSheol
Numbers 16:30HadesPitSheol
Numbers 16:33HadesPitSheol
Deuteronomy 32:22HadesHellSheol
1 Samuel 2:6HadesGraveSheol
2 Samuel 22:6DeathHellSheol
1 Kings 2:6HadesGraveSheol
1 Kings 2:9HadesGraveSheol
Isaiah 5:14HadesHellSheol
Isaiah 14:9HadesHellSheol
Isaiah 14:11HadesGraveSheol
Isaiah 14:15HadesHellSheol
Isaiah 28:15HadesHellSheol
Isaiah 28:18HadesHellSheol
Isaiah 38:10HadesGrave Sheol
Isaiah 38:18HadesGraveSheol
Isaiah 57:9HadesHellSheol
Ezekiel 31:15HadesGraveSheol
Ezekiel 31:16HadesHellSheol
Ezekiel 31:17HadesHellSheol
Ezekiel 32:21not translatedHellSheol
Ezekiel 32:27HadesHellSheol
Hosea 13:14 (twice)HadesGraveSheol
Amos 9:2HadesHellSheol
Jonah 2:2HadesHellSheol
Habakkuk 2:5HadesHellSheol
Psalm 6:5HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 9:17HadesHellSheol
Psalm 16:10HadesHellSheol
Psalm 18:5HadesHellSheol
Psalm 30:3HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 31:17HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 49:14 (twice)HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 49:15HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 55:15HadesHellSheol
Psalm 86:13HadesHellSheol
Psalm 88:3HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 89:48HadesGraveSheol
Psalm 116:3HadesHellSheol
Psalm 139:8HadesHellSheol
Psalm 141:7HadesGraveSheol
Job 7:9HadesGraveSheol
Job 11:8HadesHellSheol
Job 14:13HadesGraveSheol
Job 17:13HadesGraveSheol
Job 17:16HadesPitSheol
Job 21:13HadesGraveSheol
Job 24:19not translatedGraveSheol
Job 26:6Hades (asterisked)HellSheol
Proverbs 1:12HadesGraveSheol
Proverbs 5:5HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 7:27HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 9:18HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 15:11HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 15:24HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 23:14DeathHellSheol
Proverb 27:20HadesHellSheol
Proverbs 30:16HadesGraveSheol
Song 8:6HadesGraveGrave
Ecclesiastes 9:10HadesGraveSheol

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