Daniel’s Four Kingdoms: New Open Access Book

There’s a new book on the ancient idea of four successive kingdoms, most familiar to Bible readers from Daniel 2 and Daniel 7. This idea, though, of a series of successive kingdoms is not limited to Daniel—it’s not limited even to the Bible. There were pagan sources that shared the concept. You can read some of the ancient sources in the lesson on this site on Daniel 2 (go to the Bonus Material at the end).

The new book is published by Brill, one of the premier academic publishers for humanities. Brill books are usually very expensive, at least $100, often much more. So it’s nice to see that this book costs precisely nothing, because it’s open access. Well, actually, if you want a print copy, you’ll have to pay $196, but if you’re okay with just reading on your computer (or printing it off yourself), you can freely download the whole thing from the link above.

As I say, Brill is an academic publisher, not a devotional publisher, so the book will be difficult reading. But one of the essays might appeal to you.

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