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Mars Hill Press rejuvenates study of the Bible and the Christian heritage by producing Bible study materials that are creative, critical, and—above all—helpful. Our studies encourage faithfulness to the high calling of Jesus and enliven the Spirit’s joy in our readers. Our Bible study materials are intended not only to fill readers and study groups with education but also to fill them (at least, occasionally) with awe for our God and his gospel. In accordance with the Apostle Paul’s sermon recorded in Acts 17, Mars Hill Press seeks to help readers know more fully the God in whom we live and move and have our being.

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The Book of Daniel

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Reformation Day

Today is Reformation Day, a day that can evoke a great deal of reflection again, precisely in our time. One wonders why consequences had to arise from Luther’s action that were exactly the opposite of those he intended and that overshadowed his own last years of life and at times even made him question hisContinue reading “Reformation Day”

Paradise Lost, Book 12

649 lines. Most of the book continues Michael’s conversation with Adam, revealing the future, including the exodus, and the giving of the Torah, and the exile, and the coming of the Messiah, and even a bit of the period after the Messiah’s ascension. The book ends with Adam and Eve leaving Paradise. Michael resumes tellingContinue reading “Paradise Lost, Book 12”

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